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News: Dreamliner Test Flight

By Richard Benedikz on 26 March 2013, 11:47


A LOT Airlines 787 was used for a two hour flight on Monday to test the new lithium battery modifications.

The flight test is an important step in demonstrating the new lithium-ion battery modifications meets regulatory safety standards.

According to a statement from Boeing, the 787 test flight 'went to plan'.

Further series of test flights have been scheduled by Boeing for collecting data for the FAA which must approve the new modifications before the 787 can be used for commercial flights.

The Dreamliner has been grounded since January, when a lithium-ion battery in a Japan Airlines 787 caught fire after landing in Boston. A second ANA 787 had to make an emergency landing in Japan after the battery overheated.

It has been reported that the two month grounding of the Dreamliner is costing Boeing $50 million (€38.8 million) every week.

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