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News: Boeing Begins Certification Testing on 747-8

By Richard Benedikz on 24 May 2013, 09:40


A 747-8 Intercontinental successfully completed its first test flight with a package of performance improvements including enhanced GE engines designed to improve fuel efficiency.

The aircraft took off from Paine Field in Everett, Wash. and landed at Boeing Field in Seattle approximately four hours later.

The aircraft Performance Package (PIP) includes improvements to the GEnx-2B engines and Flight Management Computer (FMC) software.

According to Boeing, improvements to the 747-8 family have resulted in an accumulated 1.5 percent gain in fuel efficiency since the first aircraft was delivered less than two years ago. These new improvements will give aircraft operators an additional 1.8 percent more efficiency which will save the airlines approximately one million dollars per year in fuel per aircraft.

The test program will also validate the design changes and demonstrate the operation of the horizontal tank fuel system on the passenger version of the 747-8, which was deferred from the initial deliveries. The new configuration will first deliver in early 2014 and be available for retrofit. Entry into service of the new engines and FMC software will take place in late 2013.

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